Single Mothers & Kids at the Pool

Single mothers living in Jerusalem struggle throughout the summer to present their children with fun and social activities. Often stuck indoors, the children will feel that they are missing out on time with their friends.However, CBN Israel decided to bless these single parent families with a fun day at the pool! The 20 adults, and their 30 children, filled the pool at the Yehudah Hotel in Jerusalem. They were given food, drinks and ice-cream. CBN Israel also served them a wonderful buffet dinner in the evening. One mother said, “We are so blessed that the CBN Israel team thinks of us, we’ve waited all summer for this.” It was such a pleasure to see the children having so much fun, and so filled with joy. Most of all, the smiles on the childrens’ faces brought happiness and comfort to their mothers.

  • HOST: CBN Israel Team
  • EVENT LOCATION: Yehuda Hotel in Jerusalem
  • GIFTS GIVEN: food, drinks, and also ice-cream. A celebration dinner (buffet, as much as they wanted)




Quotes from some single mothers:

“We are so blessed that the CBN Israel team thinks of us’ “we waited all summer for this”

“We can’t always take our kids to the ocean or beach, so this is such a blessing”

CBN Israel team response

“There are people that don’t have the opportunity to leave their house all summer, so this is such a blessing to them that they can come and have fun. So many don’t have the chance to give their children such a wonderful time, so we love to give them the opportunity.”

“We took kids to the pool for a “fun day”. These are the children of the single mothers. “We wanted to give them a day full of joy and fun at the pool. It’s been so hot here in Israel and the smiles on their faces showed that they were refreshed and happy.”

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