Silvia – A Holocaust Survivor

caring for Holocaust survivors

Silvia* is a holocaust survivor living in Acco, Israel. In 1941 Silvia, along with her mother, brother and sister were forced to march from their village to a ghetto. The march took several months. During this time, her brother was killed by Nazi soldiers. Both her mother and sister fell sick during the march and died shortly after reaching the ghetto. Silvia was eight years old and alone. Soon after arriving, the Red Cross stepped in and paid the Nazis for Jewish children. Silvia was one of these children, but during their Nazi transport, they came across the Russian army. The Nazis and Russians fought for several days before the Jewish children were liberated. Silvia immigrated to Israel. She is among the poorest of the holocaust survivors in her city.

CBN Israel heard about Silvia and decided to help. Every month CBN Israel volunteers, visit Silvia in her apartment, bring her a food basket, and check to make sure she is doing well.
[*Name altered]

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