Heading Them Off at the Pass

What comes to mind when you think of the age: 18 years old? Graduation from highschool? Looking for work for the first time? Perhaps heading for a degree in a college or university?  In most countries, 18 years old is a transitional time in a person’s life. A time for leaving the comforts of home to set out on life’s journey as an adult. A time when the decisions made in these initial adult years could make or break one’s future. In Israel, eighteen is the age when young adults head straight into the IDF. And it is certainly a time when the believing youth will face some of their fiercest giants.

Research shows that at this crucial age, three out of five people make their biggest money regrets that can financially handicap them for many, many years to come.  Let alone, the mistakes made by sexual sin, getting in with the wrong crowd, or giving up on faith altogether when the world challenges their beliefs. Because we are aware of what kind of pitfalls our youth will face in the army, we at CBN Israel seek to offer our help to Israel’s believing soldiers to head them off at the pass before it is too late.

In the month of September, our staff had the opportunity to meet with 19 believing soldiers at the Baptist Village in central Israel. The soldiers intently listened as the staff taught about the importance of taking responsibility for our own actions in all things. (You can read the full devotional Here)The soldiers learned how to budget the small stipend of money the government gives to each soldier every month as well as how to stand strong in character when the world tries so hard to bring them down. They were greatly encouraged and engaged with many questions following the meeting.

We have seen strong youth enter the army and come out changed on the other side. Sometimes, it isn’t for the better. That is why these soldiers need our support through prayer! Here is how you can join us in praying for them:

  • That their faith will not be shaken but they will be continually grounded in the rich soil of the word of God. (1 Timothy 6:12)
  • That they will have God’s wisdom and godly character throughout their entire 2-3 years of service, for His glory. ( James 1:5)
  • That God would keep them from all harm as they are always facing potential danger. (Psalm 121:7)

Reaching out to our soldiers is an on-going work here at CBN Israel. If you wish to support the work of our hands, and participate in what God is doing through us here in Israel, please consider giving a gift to CBN Israel.

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