Reaching out to Holocaust Survivors

One would imagine that living through the holocaust would be enough suffering to last a lifetime. One would think that those who lived through such horror would, in this day and age, be treated like decorated war hero’s and given the best of the land, so to speak. Unfortunately, this is not the case for most holocaust survivors. They are lonely, in need of basic necessities and are barely making ends meet to survive.

More than one out of four Holocaust survivors live in Israel. Some 50,000 survivors out of 193,000 live in poverty. 36% percent live alone and must make do on their own. More than 1,000 survivors die every month in this country alone. Our window of opportunity to impact the lives of these precious people is rapidly closing. Is this really how they should live out the last of their days? In poverty, loneliness and striving to survive? God forbid! The love of God in Messiah Yeshua compels us to be His hands and His heart extended out to people just like these.

Congregations all over Israel sense the urgency to reach as many survivors as possible before it’s too late. Through the works of CBN Israel to holocaust survivors, we have made that connection possible. In recent weeks past, one particular congregation in Krayot, Israel partnered with us in bringing 1,300 food baskets to the survivors living nearby. The survivors were grateful just to receive a hug and a listening ear, let alone receiving tangible gifts and having their material needs met. Knowing someone cares for them is often medicine enough to the parched and thirsty soul.

By means of funding and support from CBN Israel, local congregations are able to maintain relationships with the holocaust survivors on a regular basis. Throughout the year, believers meet with the survivors in their homes and invite them to celebrate the Jewish feasts together. With our support, hundreds of Holocaust survivors receive hot meals in the Messianic communities each month. Through our connections, thousands of Holocaust survivors are invited by the local communities of believers to join their charitable parties and concerts throughout the year. And in every outreach, the survivors testify to their experience of God’s peace, power to heal and great goodness.

CBN Israel and the local body of believers are partnering together to make a difference in the hearts and lives of Israel’s holocaust survivors. Would YOU like to partner with us as well? Every prayer, donation and word of encouragement moves us forward. If you want to join us in reaching the lives of these precious people before it is too late, contact us and together, we will make a difference! 

Thank you for all your support in making this work possible.

Blessings from the staff at CBN Israel.

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