A Load Off the Shoulders

As a married woman on the go and having several small children of my own, I know the value of a working washing machine. (Or any handy-helper in the home for that matter!) How did any woman survive the days of doing all the laundry by hand… by herself?! My hat goes off to each and every one of them. Thankfully, we have today’s brilliant inventions that make a mother’s housework so much easier.

But have you ever experienced the heightened work load that hits you like a tidal wave the moment one of those miracle-working machines break down? How about the stress and on-going intense living situation a single mother lives through every day striving to work, clean, cook, do laundry and be the role of both mom and dad to an only child? A broken washing machine could easily be the straw that breaks the camels back.

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One of the on-going ministries through the humanitarian aid arm of CBN Israel is to the believing single mothers throughout the country. Through regular contact, the staff learn of immediate needs that each single parent has. One particular woman living in Jerusalem, who is a single mother to a teenage daughter, recently shared with the staff that her 20 year old washing machine had finally broken down. She works hard to provide for her and her daughter, but a new machine would simply cost too much. Was there anything CBN Israel could do to help?

After consultation and evaluation, CBN Israel petitioned for donations to be made in order to meet this mother’s need. Just in time for the fall feasts of the Lord, a brand new washing machine was delivered to her home. What a joy and relief this mother felt to not have one more thing weighing on her shoulders.

She shared with the staff, “I am so thankful for this gift! I was not expecting such a blessing from God. To everyone who donated towards making this possible, thank you so much!”

Read: CBN Israel Helps a Single Mother

What a joy it is to know that we can make a difference. If I were in her shoes, it would be at the top of my to-do list to find the means to have a working washing machine in my home. Between you and me, I often lift up a little, “THANK YOU GOD!” every time I start my dishwasher or do a load of laundry. Every “helper” in my home is a gift from God that makes life just that much easier.

Can you relate to what this mother went through? Would you like to give to the on-going outreach to mothers just like her? Good news, you can make a difference! Every donation, prayer and word of encouragement makes it possible to help more mothers in need.

On behalf of the staff at CBN Israel, thank you for all your support!

God bless you.

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