He Works All Things Together: A Story of Hope

“And we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose.”- Romans 8:28

Sam* is the son of a widow who made Aliyah from Africa. Raised in a believing home, he, his mother and his siblings regularly attended a congregation. But he himself did not believe. Little did he know however, that like King David, or Saul of Tarshish, Sam was one of God’s chosen ones.

Although he was raised in a believing home, Sam was young and wanted his freedom to do his own will. He left the congregation and became friends with the wrong crowd. Drugs and alcohol became his life leading him into debt and eventually he found himself bouncing back and forth between homelessness and jail.

Sam’s mother never gave up praying for her son. Also, a young lady from Sam’s old congregation often saw Sam homeless on the streets and lifted him up to the Lord, reminding Him of His word. Over time they continued to pray and the day came when their prayers took form.

One of the places Sam found to sleep was a Yeshiva (a Jewish Orthodox seminary school). A student there was moved with compassion when he saw Sam and invited him to sleep in his home. It was this act of kindness that drew Sam back towards God and caused him to hunger for more of Him.

He then sought out a local congregation and began cleaning up his life. He began preaching the good news of the gospel to all his homeless friends on the streets. God provided a place for him to live. He met a believing single mother and learned of her struggles with her sons, two of which were in jail. Sam went to visit them and lead one of them to the Lord. Now, Sam’s countenance is beaming with joy as God is truly using him to “do great things and to bless many people.”

Sam’s heart had changed, but his means for a future had not. He had need of education and healthcare. Yet once again, the Lord had a plan. Through various connections, we heard Sam’s story, met with him and offered our help.

Because of you who have given to us, we are able to give to him. We began by providing Sam with food vouchers. Then, we started working together with Project Tikva to provide him with healthcare. Now, we are regularly meeting with Sam to help him financially, spiritually, and practically. Sam is on his way to a bright future and we have great expectation that God will continue to work all things together for his good.

We love what we do here at CBN Israel. We love being a part of the process of healing in people’s lives. We want to continue doing the Lord’s work and blessing those He puts in our paths. But we need both prayers and financial support. Every prayer lifted to the Lord on our behalf and every donation given toward our work empowers us to care for others.

God bless you as you daily work out the will of our Father in heaven.

*Name altered for privacy


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    Amazing story of Redemption!

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