Partner Highlight: The Milewski family in Afula

CBN Israel has partners in 16 cities around the country working with us to serve the Holocaust Survivor community. This month, we would like to introduce you to our partners in Afula, the Milowski Family.  Here is their story as told by the wife, Natalie.

“At various times and in different countries, the Lord Yeshua saved my husband and I from drug addiction and true, impending death. We met and united in a holy alliance in the holy land of Israel, and have since tried to serve the Lord by all means and opportunities.

God brought us to the city of Afula, which is located near Nazareth and Megiddo Valley (Armageddon). In this city, Yeshua was raised, yet currently, there is no congregation here. We pray to God to help us change that. Through the ministry “CBN Israel”, we have the opportunity to serve the victims of the Holocaust. Today, in Afula alone, there are about 700 survivors.


Each month, we give out 100 gift cards each worth 50 shekels and a signed card. For us, it is not just a symbolic gift, but a great opportunity to reveal the light of God to these precious people in the sunset of their lives. Over time, they open up to us and begin to communicate. They allow us to pray for them, and to talk about God.

Those who are unable to come to receive their gift, invite us to bring the gift to their homes. God also has put it in our heart to serve an additional 20 survivors. These people are those who suffered in the liquidation of Chernobyl. Most of them have cancer. They have allowed us to pray for them and there is evidence of miraculous healings!

We are so happy to do God’s work and we want to expand and improve this service with Him with your assistance. At this stage, we need to open a charitable foundation. All of our distribution takes place under the open sky in the street. It is not very convenient, given the weather conditions in Israel. We pray for the room in which people would be able to take and hold services. God bless us all to the Lord to do His will on earth as it is conceived by Him in heaven!!!!”

With love,

The Milewski family

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