An Occasion for Thanksgiving

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The invitation went out. Single mothers and their children dressed for the occasion. It was a rare and exciting event that these Israelis were about to experience: A traditional, American, Thanksgiving dinner.

Through Beit Sar Shalom, CBN Israel learned that a group from Minnesota had come to Israel desiring to serve single parent families and their children. Working together, we made possible a very special evening.

The Minnesotan visitors spent the day cheerfully cooking and preparing for the 15 mothers and their children who were soon to arrive. The meeting place of Beit Sar Shalom was beautifully decorated in autumn colors of yellow, orange and red.

When the attendees arrived, they were first seated and given the task of coloring Thanksgiving place mats together. Then, there was a presentation about Thanksgiving traditions and how the holiday originated. Next came the moment they were all waiting for: The food.



A buffet was served, replete with succulent, stuffed turkey, creamy, mashed potatoes, scrumptious cranberry sauce, breads, rice, corn and assorted jellies.  As tradition would have it, when the partakers were stuffed to the brim, dessert was served. It was a melt-in-your mouth apple crumble.

After the meal, everyone present was asked to share with one other what they were thankful for. The staff from CBN Israel voiced appreciation for each of the single mothers that we are blessed to serve and their precious children whom we love. Funded by the Joseph Project, we were able to present each child with a brand new backpack. The group from Minnesota also gave gifts of creams for the mothers and candies for the children.


As the evening came to a close, the mothers were overflowing with joy and gratitude. To be thought of, cooked for, served, and presented with gifts made these mothers and children feel so loved. They thanked all involved for putting this event together and exclaimed to our staff: “Thank you, CBN Israel, for what you do. No one blesses us the way you bless us.”

Serving single mothers is only one of the many aspects of our ministry here at CBN Israel. To learn more, visit us on the web at: or Facebook page.

God bless you as you love others with the Father’s love.

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