The Gift of Opportunity: CBN Israel

CBN Israel

The people of Israel are daily faced with multiple challenges.

For many, the main mode of transportation is by bus. The high cost of living often requires two incomes to make ends meet. Those who make Aliyah often leave behind family and friends and come to this Promised Land alone.

Now add to those challenges the status of being a single mother. Juggling household responsibilities, caring for the needs of the children and earning an income high enough to cover the bills can simply be overwhelming.

Ana* was no exception to the rule. She worked hard at her job, but the income was not enough. Her schedule was inconsistent, and the children, being young, needed her to be with them. What could she do to meet all these demands?

img-20161117-wa0000-2Ana* was recently presented with an opportunity to earn a better living while working from home. There was only one obstacle standing in her way: She didn’t own a computer. This was the missing tool she needed to land that job. That is when CBN Israel sought out the means to meet her need.

Donations were given towards the purchase of a computer and now, Ana is able to work from home and be available to her little ones. Praise the Lord for His provision!

We would ask that you would consider giving to the work of CBN Israel so that we can continue to bless single mothers like Ana. We thank you also for your support in prayer!

God bless you!

*Name altered for privacy

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