Faced with the Fear of Foreclosure

CBN Israel Fear

A Single Mother in Fear of Her Debts

*Rita is a single mother who has had a complicated life. When we first met with her, we learned that she had an exorbitant amount of debt that she could not pay. She had a job, but every bit of her income went to the pressing, monthly bills or the needs of her many children. If there was no intervention, she would be forced to foreclose on her house.

Rita’s predicament was unusual. Losing the house would mean that she and the children would be homeless. The monthly mortgage was a humble amount to afford compared to what it would cost her to rent an apartment much smaller in size. What was she going to do? Knowing her situation, what would God want us to do?

CBN Israel FearWe believe God would want us to help carry Rita’s burden and to defend her case. Thanks to those who donate towards our work, we were able to supply Rita with the means to make payments on her home for several months. We provided her with food vouchers to help lighten her financial load. We then accompanied her to the bank and pleaded her cause. Praise the Lord, the banks agreed to work with us, and re-arrange her payments which allowed Rita to keep her home.

We are so proud of Rita for her diligence and co-operation in working with us. When we encouraged her to find additional work in order to afford her bills, she eagerly sought for a job until she found one. When we asked for necessary paperwork to present on her behalf, she promptly supplied it.  Rita is in a much better situation now.

If it were not for our donors, we would not have been able to help Rita and those like her come through these difficult situations. We ask that you would please consider giving toward the work of CBN Israel.  We are ever so grateful for your support!

God bless you.

*Name altered for privacy


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    Martha Ellen Conner says

    Love your love and support of single women and children in Israel ! Praying for Israel and the needs of these children. ❤️🇸🇻✡🕎✝🇺🇸

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