On the Road Again: A Single Mother in Distress

A Single Mother in Need

*Merav is a hard working woman who cares for the elderly in a northern city in Israel. She travels from home to home tending to the needs of those who are too weak to care for themselves. She beautifully expresses God’s love through her gentle touch and compassion.

But Merav is a single mother.  When the engine of her car recently broke down, her single-parent income was not enough to cover the surprise expense without going thousands of shekels into debt. She desperately needed her means of transportation in order to tend to several patients per day. She was facing a major dilemma.

When we heard of Merav’s situation, we wanted to help. We presented her cause to our partner organizations and requested donations on her behalf. The full funds came through! Merav is back to work with a car that is fully repaired.

She expressed to our staff that she is, “ever so grateful” to everyone who made this possible.

Here at CBN Israel, we believe that God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others.  In order for us to continue serving single mothers like Merav, we ask that you would consider donating a monthly gift. Your gifts go directly to helping and serving believers all throughout Israel.

Thank you for your consideration. God bless you!

*Names altered for privacy

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