Young, Busy Mother Makes Time to Serve Holocaust Survivors

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Meet Our Partners Serving Holocaust Survivors in Haifa

Letter from Alona

“My name is Alona. I am one of ten people who visit and serve the Holocaust Survivors in Haifa, Israel. Leaders from my congregation told me about the opportunity to work with Holocaust Survivors and I felt in my heart to serve in this area.
For the past three years, our group has been distributing food to Holocaust Survivors in Haifa. We visit them in their homes and sometimes they meet us somewhere to receive our gifts. We give them bags of food such as sugar, flour, oats, oil, etc., or a food voucher so they can buy whatever grocery items they need.
Many of the Survivors do not need money or food as much as they need attention. There are many who are willing to receive prayer from us. When we visit them, we sit and talk and they share their stories about their lives. We have heard countless, chilling stories about the people who helped these Holocaust Survivors escape during the war.

I remember one particular story about a grandfather who shared how he lived in a church warehouse. A Priest hid him there and cared for him because he was worried about his safety. During the three years of hiding in that warehouse, the Priest taught him many things from the Bible about God. A life-long bond formed between them. The grandfather/survivor is forever grateful to that Priest for saving his life.
The work we are doing with the Survivors is so satisfying. Sometimes it’s difficult because they are not always open to us because they are afraid. Its takes time and then they start to talk when they feel safe with us. We love our work and we are so happy to work with them from our hearts.
The survivors say that they are very surprised and thankful for the help. At first, they thought we were sent from the Israeli government to serve them. But we explained that we come in the name of the Lord, not out of duty or even payment, but with love from our hearts and the gifts we give them are from God.
Please pray that we will have wisdom regarding how to speak with them and to know how to get through to their hearts. Every person is unique and special, so we really need wisdom to know how to reach each one. Pray also that we will have more people to help us serve.

With love in Messiah,

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