How One Families Debt Was Nearly Gone in a Day

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From Hopeless to Blessed

When Jesus walked the earth, He was surrounded every day by the hurting, the sick, the lost and the hopeless. Though He obtained the power to heal, to deliver, to save and to make all things new, what we see Him doing on the day in and day out was giving teachings and instruction. And then in the midst of the day in and day out, God would work a miracle.

Every day, our staff set out to meet with families in financial crisis in order to encourage them and to help them the best we can. We teach and instruct with the wisdom that God has given us and then we call on the Lord to move the mountains. For many, it’s a process of taking one step in front of the other towards freedom. Yet every now and again, we are witnesses to a miracle.

Recently, we met with a family who was burdened by a mound of overwhelming debt. We worked together on a plan to help them progress towards financial freedom. But stirring in the wife’s heart was determination to press in and to present her case to God. In desperation, she sought a place to be alone and to pour out her heart before Him. Our merciful, living God heard her prayers.

A few days after the wife petitioned the Lord, we received a phone call from a lawyer with whom we have an established relationship. His words stunned us. He said, “Someone who wishes to remain anonymous desires to give a great sum of money specifically to this family in order to pay off the majority of their debt. The only request is that you follow up with them and continue to give them instruction.”

Wow! We stand amazed by the Lord’s great mercy. A mountain of debt that seemed nearly impossible to overcome, was knocked down to a mole hill by one act of generosity. Isn’t it just like God to pay a debt man could not pay?

If stories like this one touch your heart, would you consider being a part of the next one? Would you consider giving to the work that God is doing through us here at CBN Israel?

God bless you!

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