After Aliyah: From Crisis to Opportunity

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One family’s Rescue from a Debt Avalanche

Troubles After Aliyah to Israel

It was one distressing predicament after another.  A family accident disabled the parents, hindering them from earning an income for a long period of time. They made Aliyah and brought an invalid grandparent to live with them in Israel. But before the Grandmother obtained Israeli citizenship, she fell and was hospitalized for another extended period of time. The medical expenses accrued an exorbitant amount of debt that the family had no means to pay. Loans were taken out but with no income, their debt was heading for an avalanche. The family was about to lose everything they had; their home, their vehicle, their access to bank accounts…everything.

A single mother who we work with was personally acquainted with the *Goldstein family and their situation. We met together and heard their story. We knew we needed God’s wisdom and guidance in order to successfully navigate through this challenging terrain. In His faithfulness, He was with us.

In the middle of this bottomless black hole, God provided an elevator. Since our first meeting, the family has worked with us on assessing the situation, finding work, making a budget, visiting government agencies that can help them and declaring bankruptcy in order to freeze the interests from increasing. God has been gracious throughout the whole process. Today, the Goldsteins are able to keep their home and maintain access to their bank accounts.

The process is not over, however, so we do ask that you would stand with us in prayer for this family.

  • Pray that the husband will quickly find work that is easily reachable by public transportation.
  • Pray that God would heal the family from all lingering side effects from the accident.
  • Pray that God would see this family all the way through to financial freedom!

On behalf of the staff of CBN Israel, we thank you for all your love and support.

God bless you!

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