God Networks Believers Together to Bless a Single Mother

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Miracles for a Single Mother in Need

*Miriam, a single mother, opened her hand to receive the envelope that a friend from her congregation was handing her. “This is for you,” she said. Miriam was amazed. “For me? Thank you!” It was a completely unexpected gift. She put it in her purse where it stayed for a number of days forgotten. 

Some time later, Miriam answered a phone call from another friend. “Hey! I know someone who is selling their car for a REALLY good price! I know you need a car in order to get back and forth to the hospital to see your daughter. What do you think? Can you afford it?” Miriam suddenly remembered the envelope. She opens it up and is in shock. There before her eyes is nearly the full amount of the price of the car!

She prays, “Lord, I think this is from You. But I see that it’s not quite enough. If You want me to have that car, I ask that the owner would be willing to come down to the amount that I have here in my hand.” 

Miriam’s friend began to discuss her situation with her friend who owned the car. She told of her desperate need for transportation and about the envelope of money. Sold! The car was Miriam’s. 

There was just one hiccup with the receiving of a car; Miriam has no license. How was it a help for her to have a car without the ability to drive it? God had yet another plan. Our CBN Israel staff who are regularly in touch with Miriam through the whole process of her cancer treatments as well as the developments with her daughter in a coma, heard about God’s miraculous provision for Miriam’s transportation. We knew of a single mother who was looking for work and was available to drive Miriam back and forth to and from the hospitals if she might receive payment. We began to ask for donations from various sources and the funds came through. Today, Miriam, a single mother, is being chauffeured in her own car by another single mother who is enjoying some company and an income. Isn’t God good?

God is always at work. We have the privilege of seeing many lives changed every day. Would you consider giving a monthly gift to help support single mothers like Miriam? 

God bless you!

*Name altered for privacy

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