Holocaust Survivors: If you Build it, They Will Come

CBN Israel Holocaust Survivors

Our partners in Carmiel sought to serve the Holocaust Survivors

They opened their doors and hundreds of Holocaust Survivors flowed in…

In 1996, Rivers of Living Waters opened its door in Carmiel for the first time as an established organization. Since then, it has been extending its outreach one branch at a time including caring for Holocaust Survivors in their surrounding area. 

Serving Holocaust Survivors began as a seed of desire to serve the elderly among them. The Lord put this age group, “Abraham’s generation” as the staff called it, on their hearts. They saw that there was a need for gatherings for fellowship and there was a great opportunity to teach the younger generation to love, care and serve the older generation. The staff decided the opening event would be held on Rosh Hashana, which is the first of the fall feasts of the Lord. About 30 people came.

RoLW put together quite a celebration that night. There was singing, dancing, drama and food parcels given to each of the attendees as gifts to help them celebrate the holiday. That first event was so fruitful, that they offered for those who came to return the following month to celebrate another feast of the Lord: Succot, the Feast of Tabernacles. There was double the attendance. That was the beginning of the monthly meetings that are still being held today, only now there are hundreds who come hungry for the fellowship. 

CBN Israel Holocaust SurvivorsThough the invitation was given to all senior citizens, the majority of those who came happened to also be Holocaust Survivors. At first, they were unsure of the addenda this organization might have for putting together gatherings with free food and concerts. But over time, trust was won, hearts were opened and now, they come for love. 

Irene, the director of the organization shared, “We bless them with food and we open our doors to show them God’s love. Not only are they fed good, their souls are blessed.” The survivors frequently express that when they come, “they experience a peace they never knew before.”

Together with the help of CBN Israel, around 900 Survivors receive food parcels each month in Karmiel and the surrounding areas such as Ma’alot, Nehariya, Akko and several more. There are, however, still hundreds of Survivors in these northern cities who are not yet receiving monthly food parcels due to a lack of budget. Please pray that our monthly budget would increase so that not one survivor would be without this blessing! If you would like to donate specifically towards our work with Holocaust Survivors, you can do so here. 

God bless you!

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