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Single Mother No Longer Suicidal

Deborah was at an all time low

*Deborah had reached an all-time low in her life due to the overwhelming hopelessness she felt from the exorbitant debt she had accrued. Her children were not in a good place in life, she felt unappreciated at her job, and she was facing what felt like a world of problems on her shoulders alone as a single mother. There was only a flicker of desire left in Debbie to live when we first met with her.

Our staff felt it was urgent to focus our prayers and attention towards Debbie as long as she remained in this state of despair. We knew we needed to act quickly on her behalf in order to see an immediate breakthrough. So we began to call out to the Lord for mercy and to our donors for help. That is when the storm clouds began to clear.

We first received a large sum of donations to put specifically towards Debbie’s debt which we took to the bank and began negotiating the re-opening of her account. The amount we had received was enough to get her account back in order and to a state in which she could make small payments every month towards the remainder of her debt. Debbie began to feel relieved knowing she could access her account again.

One of the sons of a single mother whom we have been working with began meeting with Debbie’s son and counseled him in his walk with the Lord. Debbie’s son gave his heart to God and his life has since been changed.

God was at work in every aspect of Debbie’s life.

She found work in a job where she feels valued and has self-worth. Today, she is in a completely different place in life. She has hope, she has joy, she has seen God answer prayer and most importantly, she has a desire to live!

The donations we received for Debbie was the beginning of a major turn-around. It was a ray of hope in a dark storm. We are so thankful for every donation that is given towards helping single mothers like Debbie. Would you consider giving a gift today?

We thank you for all your prayers and support. God bless you!

*Name altered for privacy

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