Israeli-African Single Mother in Need

We Felt Like We Were Home: Struggles of African-Israeli Single Mothers

Last week Wednesday, we invited a group of African, single mothers to come discuss their financial struggles over an evening meal. Six of them came. Everyone brought their favorite cultural dish to share around a dining room table which was held in the Israel Prayer Tower.

From the moment we arrived, we felt like we were coming home. Due to the relationships with these single mothers that have been built over the years, we have become like family. The atmosphere was peaceful, joyful, and relaxed. Just like children who feel secure to share about their day around the dinner table, so these single mothers felt secure to open up about their struggles with making the day-to-day financial decisions. 

*Aviva, one of the mothers who were present, spoke about her battle with preparing a weekly shopping list. She walked every day to the nearest market to buy what was needed only for that day. Often the children disliked the food she prepared and the food would then go to waste. We took that moment of opportunity to walk through the steps of preparing a weekly list that included her children’s food preferences in the planning process. Shopping once a week at an inexpensive grocery store and buying food that the whole family can enjoy, will save her so much time and money. It was beautiful to see her face brighten as she felt strengthened and encouraged!

“Please, we want to do this again!” the mothers unanimously exclaimed. Everyone felt as though their burdens were lighter when they left for home that evening. A few days later, we received a message from Aviva. She wrote: “You will be so proud of me. I did it. I went grocery shopping for the whole week.” 

The Bible states that, “in the multitude of counsel there is safety.”-Prov. 11:14. Each of us has learned lessons along the way that we can share with others in order to help them in their walks of life. We are thankful for every opportunity God gives us to bless a single mother like Aviva with a lighter load on her shoulders through God’s wisdom and counsel. 

Give towards the work of CBN Israel in helping single mothers all throughout Israel, you can do so here.

God bless you! 

*Name has been altered for privacy

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