When She Chose Faith, God Rushed In

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Shabbat Devotional by CBN Israel

By Faith, God Rushed in to Help

It was 9:30 at night; everything was dark in the hidden parking lot where I had left my car hours earlier in downtown Jerusalem. I took out my keys and was heading toward my car when I noticed a man walking slowly through the lot sauntering aimlessly. I suddenly felt the potential danger as this man continued in my direction with a fixed gaze on my face. In that moment, I did what I always do when I am out alone at night- I prayed:

“God, I ask You to put Your angels around me and protect me from harm in Yeshua’s name.” 

Even though the danger of being alone in that dark parking lot with a strange man was real, I knew that God heard my prayer for protection and so I didn’t let fear get a grip on me. I reached my car and took my time, acting unafraid as I put my keys in the lock. By then, the man was only feet away walking ever so slowly in front of my car, still looking me in the face as if testing to see what I would do with his presence there. Suddenly! There was a bright light all around my car! A van, just yards away, turned on its flood lights which shone directly at my vehicle. The sauntering man was surprised by the light and left in a hurry while myself and whoever was in that van left the parking lot in peace. The van followed me for a few blocks and then turned onto another route altogether. I never saw the driver of the van, but I did see how God used him to answer my prayer for protection. 

When we pray, God hears us. And when we walk in faith, fear has to flee. I am confident that there are so many things God does on our behalf in response to prayer that we are not able to see with our physical eyes. But then there are moments like I experienced when He does let us see. 

Let us give God thanks and praise for His goodness! He is always watching over us and comes to our aid when we call to Him in faith. 

“The ungodly terrified me and made me distressed. I called out to the Lord for help, He heard my cry and rushed to my aid. He delivered me because He delighted in me.” –Psalm 18

That is the greatness of our God! God bless you. 


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    Martha Ellen Conner says

    Baruch Adonai ! Psalm 91. My daily prayer . Shalom Shalom and Good Shabbos to CBN ISRAEL. Love in Yeshua from USA. ❤️🇸🇻✡🙏🏻

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      Bethany says

      That is a great idea to pray Psalm 91 every day, Martha! Shalom to you from Israel.

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