Debt and Disease Are No Match for God

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*Marcos and *Paula Katz made Aliyah from South America ten years ago. They were living a good life; enjoying the land and their work. They had established solid friendships and were blessed by the children that were born to them in Israel. Suddenly, life took a turn. Levi came down with a debilitating disease that completely halted his ability to work. Government welfare and Paula’s single income were not enough to cover the family’s expenses and soon, exorbitant debts loomed over their heads. 

Marcos and Paula knew of the work of CBN Israel and contacted us for help. We sat together in their home and heard their difficult story. We prayed for God’s wisdom and intervention and began to work on a budget. Together, we went to rearrange their debts at the bank and asked for donations from partner organizations in order to help lighten their financial burden. 

Not only did the banks agree to work with us in helping this family, but the donations that came in cleared over half of their debts! Today, the family is staying within their budget, and the financial situation has become stable. 

Marcos and Paula were full of joy and gratitude. They expressed, “All this help is like giving us a chance to start over. And now, we are more equipped to make wiser decisions.”

Do you want to make an impact on the lives of Israelis? Partner with us! Every donation we receive goes towards helping people like the Katz family in their times of need. Consider giving a gift today! 

God bless you! 

*Names altered for privacy

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