From Debt in His Bank to Tears in His Eyes

Debt CBN Israel

The Love of God is Canceling Debts

A Surprise Gift for Aaron

*Aaron lost his parents when he and his siblings were still young. Being the oldest child, he took on the responsibility and financial weight of caring for his family. He found work, but it wasn’t enough to cover all the expenses that were now on his shoulders, nor did he have time or money to study for a profession which would earn a higher paying job. Debt began to accrue. 

Aaron heard of the wonderful works being done at CBN Israel and came to us for help. We met with him and gave him food vouchers. We worked together on a budget for his everyday living and we requested donations from partner organizations to help clear his debt.

Just days after our initial meeting with Aaron, we were scheduled to give a financial seminar for all the members of a congregation in central Israel. We asked Aaron to come be a part of that seminar and to meet with us afterwards in order to give him a gift we had received for him. Aaron came. After the seminar, Aaron met up with us and remarked,

“I have never heard anything like what you shared here tonight. This message will change my life.”

We then handed him his gift as promised. Aaron took the envelope, opened it up and looked inside. In his hand was the full amount of donations we had received for him which was more than what was needed to cover his debt.

With tears streaming down his face he said, “Never had I thought that this could happen so quickly!” 

With his debt paid, we are prayerfully considering how we can help Aaron gain a better education and a better paying job to prevent debts from accruing again. 

Here at CBN Israel, we see God doing a work of restoration in the lives of His people every day. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us through a donation to help more people like Aaron.

God bless you! 

*Name altered for privacy

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