One Lie at the Root of the Problem


In Great Need of God’s Help

A precious believing family we are working with to help get out of financial crisis shared with us about their struggle with one of their children. Their son, *Avi, understood God to only love him if he did what He wanted him to do. But if he stepped outside the lines or didn’t attend congregation, God would be angry, disapprove of him and would not love him anymore. This belief played out in behaviors of hurt and rebellion and in turn, brought on a slew of troubles for Avi and his parents. 

Arik, our financial advisor who was working with the couple offered to take the boy under his wing to give him counsel and better understanding of the Biblical truths about the nature of God. Both Avi and his parents agreed to Arik’s offer. During these sessions together, Avi began to realize that God is love and there is nothing we can do to change His nature. But our actions do have consequences and we are in charge of our choices that lead us down either a path of destruction or a path of life. 

Like the sun coming out after the storm, God’s love and truth is brightening up Avi’s heart, life and countenance. Today, he is learning to walk in balance and to enjoy life within God’s healthy boundaries. We are witnesses of God’s work of healing and restoration in Avi’s life and in his family relationships. 

Would you pray with us for Avi and his family? Please pray:

    • That God would continue the work that He has begun in bringing order to their finances.
    • That the family would relate with one another in a healthy, godly way. 
    • And that God’s word of truth would continue to set their minds free from all lies of the enemy. 

God bless you! 

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