Silent Suffering in a Broken Home

20170129_122007*Miriam is a single mother that our staff here at CBN Israel have known and loved for many years. We have walked with her through numerous sufferings including her struggle with cancer, difficulties in finances and family relationships and a serious car accident leaving her daughter in a coma for over a year. We met together in many places such as coffee shops and hospitals, but had never stepped inside her home. Because Miriam is not one to complain, we were completely unaware that the state of her house was nearly uninhabitable.


It was through Miriam’s concerned and trustworthy friend that we came to know about the ghastly conditions she was living in. Miriam humbly entrusted us with permission to go with her friend to see the state of her home. When we opened the door and began to squeeze through the small passageways lined with mountains of broken furniture, we were in shock. The bathroom and kitchen walls were rough, bare concrete in various places and the floors were made of old, broken tiles. The living room and bedroom walls that were still covered in plaster were painted in dissimilar, pastel colors.


The dining room exterior wall was made of plastic with zero instillation. Glass panels were entirely absent in several of the large window frames allowing for Israel’s frigid, winter chills or sandy, summer heatwaves to blow freely through the rooms . As a single mother caring alone for her children including her invalid daughter who is in a coma, Miriam had no means to make all these much needed repairs. So she suffered quietly. Yet, she continued to praise God in all circumstances.

Our hearts ached for Miriam. With all that she is going through, she has no place of solitude, no sanctuary of peace like a home ought to be. We longed to make a change, a complete home make-over, but our limited funds and our lack of man power would make a dream like this impossible for us. However, nothing is impossible for God and God began to do the impossible.

To be continued…

*Name altered for privacy.

If there is a single mother in your life, we would love to pray for them. Please bring your prayer request here.

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