God Sends Help From Around the World

*Miriam, a single mother we have known and loved for many years, was not only struggling with cancer and a daughter in a coma after a very serious accident, but her home was so broken, it was nearly uninhabitable. When our staff at CBN Israel saw the conditions Miriam had been living in, our hearts ached for her! We cried out to God that He would do a miracle on her behalf. We prayed that He would make a way to entirely transform her disheveled house into a beautiful home.

No sooner had the prayers left our lips that the phone calls came ringing in. We received a donation for Miriam that covered the cost of putting in glass panels in her large, living room windows where there had been nothing but shutters before.

When the windows were in place, we received another phone call. Yuri, a young man who was volunteering in Israel from the Ukraine heard about Miriam and wanted to offer us his help. He was a carpenter by trade and had a few more days in the country before he was heading back home. We hurried to make arrangements for him to work in the house and in three days, he was able to reconstruct the bare, concrete, bathroom shower walls.

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The moment Yuri left the country, we received another call. Theo, a carpenter friend from Holland who was volunteering in Israel, called to notify us that his time was freed up and if there was anything he could do to help, to let him know. We brought Theo to Miriam’s house and he began clearing out all the broken furniture in preparation for the renovations.

Theo had already begun to work in the house when God brought us help from a family in America. Through our on-going meetings with single mothers, one particular mother shared with us about a family who had come from America desiring to help wherever there was a need. The husband, John and his family had just recently renovated her home and might be interested to help with Miriam’s home. We contacted John and in short time, he and his son were on the job. They painted all the walls in Miriam’s house and even donated towards the costs of the paint.

By this point, we were in absolute awe of God. He had heard and was rapidly answering our prayers! He was sending us skilled people from around the world to do a complete makeover in Miriam’s home.

Theo continued to work in the house until the job was completed. The pastor of Miriam’s congregation came to help Theo lay down the beautiful, white and grey parquet floors. A woman who was leaving the country donated to us her beautiful furniture which we used to replace Miriam’s broken furniture. Everything was coming together amazingly!

When all was said and done, volunteers from Miriam’s congregation came to help us clean the house and make it ready for Miriam’s return. Though Miriam had entrusted us with permission to do renovations in her home, she had not yet seen the house since before the work began. We were all greatly anticipating the moment of the big reveal!

To be continued…

Do you have a desire to serve God and bless the people of Israel? We are always looking for volunteers! If you would like to know more about volunteering with CBN Israel, contact us.

*Miriam’s name has been altered for privacy.


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    Martha Ellen Conner says

    Baruch HaShemAdonai ! 😊❤️🇸🇻🙏🏻✡✝.

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      God is simply amazing!

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