God Provides in Mysterious Ways

*Miriam, one of the single mothers our CBN Israel staff have known and loved for many years has not only been battling cancer and caring for her daughter in a coma, but she was living in a home that was nearly uninhabitable. When our staff first saw the condition that Miriam was living in, our hearts ached for her. We longed to bless Miriam with a complete home make-over. But with a limited budget and not enough man power, how could such a dream come true? We entrusted our desires into the hands of God and no sooner had our prayers left our lips did God begin to answer.

God brought skilled, servant-hearted men from around the world to transform Miriam’s home. But there was still one major issue we faced. How could we pay for all the materials with limited funds? We didn’t know how God was going to provide, but we decided to go forward in faith believing that somehow, He would.

That is the moment we received the first donation. A monetary gift came in that entirely covered the cost to purchase and install glass window panes where there had been nothing but shutters covering the window frames. When the windows were in place, we received an email from our lawyer stating that an anonymous donor wished to give us thousands of shekels toward our work with single mothers. We were in tears! What timing! That mystery donation covered the costs of repairing the walls with plaster and paint. When those funds were all used up, we received a phone call from a single mother who works with a congregation in Jerusalem. She has been a part of our gatherings and has expressed great gratitude for our work with single mothers. When her congregation asked who they should bless this month, she announced; “We should give the gift to CBN Israel!” Days later, we received their large donation of thousands of shekels. That gift covered the cost of the parquet flooring, the purchase of a new tub, a new bathroom sink, and a new bathroom toilet. God was providing one step at a time exactly what was needed, when it was needed.

All of these provisions would have been sufficient, but yet, God still had more in store. A woman we have worked with in serving single mothers shared with us that she was leaving the country and desired to donate her beautiful and expensive furniture to use however we could and wherever it was needed. When the work in Miriam’s home was complete, in our possession were plush, leather couches, a large flat-screen TV, a fan and a heater to place in Miriam’s home.

We stand in awe at the work of our God. He cares so deeply for widows and single mothers that He do all these things to communicate, “I see you, I love you and I will take care of you.”

Would you like to help us care for the widows and single mothers of Israel? Please consider giving a gift to CBN Israel today!

*Miriam’s name has been altered for privacy.

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