Celebrating Passover with Jerusalem’s Single Mothers

Passover, the first of the four spring feasts of the Lord is approaching quickly. The nation of Israel is in a whirl, cleaning out their homes of every leavened crumb found in the corners of cupboards or hiding behind the stove. Stores are full of busy mothers and fathers purchasing food to serve incoming family, or new furniture which is much easier than deep cleaning an old living room sofa. With all the hustle and bustle in anticipation for the upcoming High Holiday, CBN Israel is bringing a moment of peace to single mothers throughout the country.

The first of six pre-Passover celebrations with believing single mothers was held in Jerusalem at Beit Sar Shalom. Twenty-seven single mothers and their children came for a drink of love and fellowship. When the ladies arrived, they each connected like old friends exchanging greetings with hugs and smiles. The room was filled with chatter as they each shared the current events of their lives.

The staff of CBN Israel opened the meeting with blessings, prayer and songs of praise to God. Soon after, a meal was served. The ladies were presented with a beautiful display of salads, breads, pasta, hot and cold drinks and delicious ice cream for dessert. Even the children were given a treat when the pizza delivery man arrived with several boxes full of their favorite food just for them.

Vero showing off the buffet

When everyone had eaten their fill, staff members Arik and Veronica began to share a message God had given them specifically for this season and specifically for these women. It was a message on forgiveness.

“There’s only one way out of the desert”, Veronica explained. “It’s with a change of our heart attitudes. An ungrateful heart keeps us in slavery as well as holding on to unforgiveness.” Every woman present could relate to those words. Each one had a story of how they became single mothers. Some had been left for another woman. Others were abused by alcoholic husbands. Others said, “goodbye” to their husbands far too early in life due to sickness or tragedy.

When Arik and Veronica had finished speaking, several of the women began to share where they were at in the process of forgiveness and gratitude. One woman shared;

“Forgiving my ex-husband was the hardest thing I EVER did. But I will never forget the freedom I felt deep in my heart the moment I chose to let it all go.”

As the staff began to lead in songs of worship, the presence of the Lord filled the room. Spontaneous songs of praise came forth from the deep wells of their hearts. 

As the meeting came to a close, the mothers were presented with a food voucher and a few token gifts to take home.

As the staff of CBN Israel gave hugs goodbye, the women expressed how grateful they were for this oasis moment in the midst of life’s desert. One woman said,

“I love coming to these gatherings. To meet with all these believing, single mothers is so precious to me. I don’t want to leave!”

Another woman shared, “Tonight was like drinking from wells of living water. Thank you!”

The work of CBN Israel continues to serve, love and bless single mothers all throughout the nation of Israel. There are many ways in which you can be a part! Please consider giving a gift, joining us in prayer or volunteering with us.

The Lord bless you from Zion!

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