A Cup of Water

“Do you know why we come?” an elderly widow asked the staff of CBN Israel during a Passover dinner held in northern Israel. “All of us here are tired and thirsty for a drink of water. And that is what these meetings are for us. They are times of refreshing for our weary souls.”

Twice a year, the staff of CBN Israel host gatherings for single mothers throughout Israel to celebrate the first of the spring and fall holidays, Passover and Rosh Hashana. On Sunday, CBN Israel gathered together with 20 widows and single mothers from the city of Kfar Sabba. The women came excited to be together once again. 

A dinner was served that the women needed neither to make nor buy. Various salads and pasta, breads and spreads, hot drinks and cold were available to enjoy to their hearts content. Though everyone’s stomachs were full, hearts remained hungry to be fed the word God had given to staff members, Arik and Veronica, specifically for these women, specifically for this time.


Heads nodded in agreement as Arik began to share how the people of Israel were physically out of the desert, but they remained slaves as long as they had attitudes of ingratitude. The way we get out of our spiritual desert is not by looking back at all we  once had, but by looking forward to what God has in store for us.

When Arik had finished speaking, Veronica rose to give a testimony on the power of blessing and forgiving our enemies. Several of the ladies bent their heads and raised their hands to brush the tears that repeatedly streamed down their faces. The Holy Spirit was at work, gently touching on areas of the heart that had been locked away for far too long.

As the evening ended and food vouchers were handed out, one by one, the women came to exchange hugs with the staff. One woman, still with tears in her eyes shared how the message had touched her heart; “I don’t understand how you were able to forgive the one that hurt you so badly. My daughter still holds unforgiveness against my ex-husband for what he has done to us. But after hearing your testimony, I want to encourage her to bless him and to forgive.IMG_2823

Every single mother we serve has a story of hurt and a journey of pain. Would you commit to praying for these women? If you would like to encourage these ladies with a scripture, a word of or a prayer, write to us!

God bless you from Zion!

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