Love Goes the Extra Mile

Holocaust Survivor, Lydia K. was born on October 1, 1931. When the Nazis entered her native home of Minsk, Belarus, Lydia was only 10 years old. Her mother participated in the resistance and was shot to death. During the arrest, Lydia’s mother managed to give her a family relic. It was an old wristwatch. Later, Lydia exchanged the watch for a loaf of bread and 400 grams of margarine from a German soldier. Being just a child, Lydia managed to find a means to eat. Covering with a handkerchief the “Star of David” that was patched onto her clothing, she made her way under the barbed wire that surrounded her Ghetto and cleaned the local’s apartments for food. It was this work that kept her alive as she was once absent from her Ghetto when a pogrom took place.


Lydia made “Aliyah” in 1990 and lives in Tsfat (Safed) Israel since 1995 to this day.  Being in her late 80’s, Lydia was finding it more and more difficult to walk. On her visits to the local community center, she could only sit on an outside bench watching others pass her by, or remain in one seat inside the center.  It was her dream to be mobile again. If only she had a tool to help her!

Through partner relations, the staff of CBN Israel learned of Lydia’s need for a special walker to assist her. The walker she needed could only be purchased outside of Safed, many kilometers from her home. Lydia had no means to obtain the equipment she needed on her own.

CBN Israel purchased the walker and hand delivered it to Lydia where she was found sitting on the bench outside her community center. 

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She was ever so grateful to the staff for going the extra mile and said;

“It’s a real miracle! I’ve always wanted to look at such people who care for others with no benefit to themselves.”

Lydia’s mobility has brought new life to her days. She is no longer confined to one seat when visiting the community center. Her walker allows for her to sit and rest whenever she needs to. And she is able to enjoy the fresh air whenever she pleases. 

Lydia’s joy was worth going the extra mile. 

God bless you. 


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    Martha Ellen Conner says

    Beautiful. Love and blessings to CBN Israel 😊❤️🇸🇻✡🙏🏻🇺🇸

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      CBN Author says

      Thank you Martha! We love you and bless you from Zion!

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