It Takes One to Know One

Meet Jenny- A Holocaust Survivor serving Survivors.

Jenny is a 78 year old Holocaust Survivor. Born in Ukraine, she was only three years old when the Nazis took over her country and turned it entirely into a Ghetto. For three excruciating years, she and her family lived in the worst of conditions with a horse’s stable as a home. There she watched close relatives who were used as Nazi experiments; pass away before her young eyes.

When the war had ended, the few remaining family members returned to their pillaged home. They found it in a condition that was unlivable. Their Christian neighbors, who themselves had a house full of children, took the family in and gave them a chance to rebuild their lives.

Even though the war had ended, food and jobs were scarce. Jenny’s brother was one of the privileged ones who found work in a neighborhood bakery and later would pay Jenny’s way through school. Jenny met and married a kind-hearted man and together, they raised two sons. Life was beginning to look up.

Jenny and her husband did well for themselves in Ukraine. They became wealthy and were lacking nothing when the mass Aliyah from Russia in the 1970’s began. The couple watched friend after friend disappear from the neighborhood and were eventually encouraged to do the same. Jenny laughed as she recalled her husband saying, “When my hairdresser decided to leave the country, that was it. I was not going to be left behind without a hairdresser.”

It was 1971 when the family made the move to Israel. Jenny began to study for various professions and together with her husband started a local grocery store in the city of Hadera. There they lived their lives full of ups and down, good times and bad, wars and depression. And then the time came when Jenny’s husband passed away.

It was after his death that Jenny felt a bit lost. She needed something to fill the void; something of value to put her hand to. This search lead Jenny on a road towards partnership with CBN Israel.

CBN Israel GiveJenny first learned that there was an organization for Holocaust Survivors in her area and she joined up as a member. But it was not long before she became the leader. For the past 8 years, Jenny has been instrumental in serving her local community of Holocaust Survivors. Together with the help and funds of CBN Israel, she delivers food vouchers to those who are currently living in Hadera. In addition, Jenny organizes trips, events, visits to the spa, dinners and holiday celebrations.

Jenny has been a great blessing to us here at CBN Israel. We have seen her light up when she serves her local community. In an interview, she shared with our staff, “I work very hard to give them this joy.” And we see that in serving others, she herself has found purpose and fulfillment in these last years of her life.

Towards the end of our interview, Jenny confessed that CBN Israel is the only organization at this time giving toward this work of serving these survivors. However, our budget is limited to giving only to half of the 200 survivors currently living in her area.

We ask that you would prayerfully consider donating to CBN Israel each month in order to reach our goal of giving 200 food vouchers to the 200 survivors in Hadera.

Thank you for your consideration and God bless you!

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