Living the Dream

In commemoration of Holocaust Memorial Day, the staff of CBN Israel were invited to attend “The Conference Association of Concentration Camps and Ghetto Survivors in Israel.” Those who work in assisting Holocaust Survivors or are Survivors themselves come from around the country to attend the conference annually. This year, some 70 survivors, donors and representatives from various associations were present. It was a time for remembering what was past and appreciating those who are presently making a difference.  

Dema at the conference 

Among the guests was Igal Yasinov, CEO of KKL-Eurasia. Mr. Yasinov told about a memorial forest just outside of Gaza, Israel where in the spring of 2016, a new forest grove was planted by Russian-speaking Holocaust Survivors in memory of the one and a half million Jewish children who were murdered during the Holocaust. 

Mr. Alexei Sentebov, Consul General of Russian Federation in Haifa delivered a small but very diplomatic speech on the memory of the Holocaust. Olga Kopilov from “Christian Friends of Israel-Jerusalem” shared about their work with Holocaust Survivors.

Mr Alexei Sentebov, Consul General, Russia

The meeting and lunch that followed was held in the guest house, “Zedakah- Beit El” in Shavei Zion, Israel. “Zedakah-Beit-El” which means “Righteous-House of God” was founded by Helen Wyman, a messianic Jew who survived the Holocaust but had lost over 70 of her own relatives. It was Wyman’s dream for Zedakah-Beit El to be a place where the wounds of the past could be healed through love. Today, nearly 60 years later since the birth of this dream guest house, Germans, Russians, Christians and Holocaust Survivors alike came together in the “House of God” to remember the dark days of the Holocaust and to do their part in preventing the re-occurrence of such a horrific event by serving one another in love.

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