Israeli Believers Break Through in Business

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Gassan grew up in Nazareth, Israel from the time he was twelve. He tried his hand at a variety of  jobs including engineering, but always felt that business ownership and management was the place for him. After studying a short time in Israel, Gassan moved to France where he studied business before returning to Israel to put his education to work.

In short time, his diligence paid off and his restaurant, Rosemary, soared to the top of the charts, becoming Trip Advisor’s #1 restaurant in Nazareth. Yet, as in all things, there are two sides to every coin. With success comes a lot of responsibility and Gassan found that maintaining a high standard in business required a great deal of his time and efforts. Perhaps it was time to explore other possibilities.

Gassan knew what he needed to do. He began building a new business plan and sought for a way to connect with believing business entrepreneurs both locally in Israel as well as abroad. He learned that both of these desires could be fulfilled through the business course held by Israel Firstfruits and CBN Israel. Gassan signed up to attend. To his surprise, Gassan learned through the course, not only about business, but about doing business God’s way.

“I was not expecting to gain such spiritual growth,” Gassan stated in an interview with the staff of CBN Israel. “The course has made me think more about what God wants me to do and not just what I want to do. And if God wants me to do something, I know He will bless it.” Gassan says that he trusts that the leadings in his heart come from God.

One of the many benefits of studying in the business course is the connections made between believers. Still with a few weeks left to the completion of the course, Gassan is already making progress towards his new business ventures through connections he has made. God knows how to bring people together to expand His kingdom and the business course is just one of the ways this is accomplished.

Every September, for the past four years, Israel Firstfruits and CBN Israel host a business forum where entrepreneurs, investors and business advisers come from around the world to connect with local, market place believers in Israel. Watch CBN Israel’s facebook or Twitter page for updates and consider attending the 2017 business forum in Jerusalem! 

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