Freely We Receive, Freely We Give

Lydia, a Holocaust Survivor living in Safed, Israel, sat alone on a bench outside her community center and watched as those with ease in mobility passed her by. Lydia needed the assistance of a walker that would allow her to rest along the way. However, the specific walker she needed could only be purchased outside her city and was an expense beyond her means.

When CBN Israel learned of Lydia’s predicament through regular contact with local partners, the staff set out to purchase the walker and deliver it to Lydia directly. The joy and mobility that the walker added to Lydia’s life was well worth going the extra mile. You can read Lydia’s full story here.

One month later, CBN Israel received many more requests from partners throughout the country to purchase dozens more walkers and walking sticks for Holocaust Survivors in need of these items. Through the means of generous donors,  CBN Israel was able to order the needed items and have them delivered to their partners beginning with those in Afula, Israel.

Nearly four dozen Holocaust Survivors came to the local library to receive their free gifts. One by one, the staff of CBN Israel and partner, Michael, assembled the walkers by hand and presented them to each and every Survivor who was present.

The Survivors were so pleased and thankful for the kindness that was shown to them, that they requested for the Chairman of the Israel Holocaust Survivor Association to present a letter of appreciation to the staff of CBN Israel. The letter read as follows;

“It is very nice to write something like this about good people who do good things for others. It is a holy principal of life. Your acts of kindness are noble and God sees what you do. May He repay you with health and well-being for you and your families. The residents of Afula who have received these gifts desire to thank you from the depths of their hearts.”- Chairman E.

It is because of those who give to CBN Israel that we can in turn, give to people in need such as these Holocaust Survivors in Afula. There are still many more Survivors throughout Israel who are in need of walkers and walking sticks to assist them in their journey. Would you consider giving a gift towards meeting their needs today?

From the depths of our hearts, we sincerely pray, “God bless you”.

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