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The staff of CBN Israel have had many years of experience in giving financial counsel to families and single mothers in crisis. In an interview with our social media staff, Arik and Veronica share the wisdom they have learned. Read what they have to say:

Bethany: “What would you say the greatest needs are in the body of Messiah today?”

Veronica: “We are living in a world that the finances are being controlled by the enemy in a large way. People are controlled by all the advertisements that say, “Buy! Buy! Buy!” When we give in to all the lusts and desires of the flesh, all the pressures to purchase things in order to be happy, we find ourselves enslaved and in bondage to loans and debt.”

Arik: “The influence of the west is that we need better things like better cars, better homes, better clothing, simply more and more material things. And the lie of the enemy is that having these better things is what will make us happy. We need to be aware that this is a lie! Contentment comes from God. From our relationship with Him. From doing His will. Even as believers, we give in to the lies of this world. We are human beings; we struggle with the same temptations as anyone else. We must have our eyes open to the truth. The truth is, having more does not mean we will be happy. It only makes us enslaved. The happiness with our new possessions fades away in time and then the lie returns that we need more of something or something new to make us happy. We need to not think, “How can I get more?” But to think “How can I give?” “What are my actual needs?” So many are thinking, ‘If I pray, or if I give, what will I get back from God?’ We are often more focused on what we want in this life than what God wants to do through our lives.

Many believers have their finances out of order. The problem comes down to a lack of self-control. Another problem is believing that we think that only ten percent of our money belongs to the Lord. Truthfully, all that we have belongs to the Lord. We honor Him by asking Him, “Lord, what do you want us to do with the resources You have given us?”

Bethany: “Are believers operating in the fullness of what God has for them?”

Arik: “No, many are trapped in their daily challenges and in their debts.”

Bethany: “How can we pray for the body of Messiah?”

Veronica: “We can pray that believers will operate in self-control, especially concerning their finances. That people will be more aware of the traps of the enemy to buy everything in order to be happy and to guard against it with contentment and prayer.”

Bethany: “How can people pray for Israel?”

Arik: “Pray that God’s people will be the unique people they are called to be: A light to the nations. That they will not yearn to be like all the other nations, to seek prosperity like other nations or to be happy in material possessions like other nations. To go with the Lord does not mean that we will be happy all the time. It’s something much deeper.”

Buying more than we need, or lacking the things that we need, both are outside of God’s will for the believer. God does not promise us riches, but He does instruct us in what to do with the riches that we have. God does not want us to lack our daily needs, for He promises that He will supply all our needs according to His riches and glories. He is our Provider and our God. All that we have belongs to Him.”

Being made aware of the needs of the body of Messiah, let’s take these things to the Lord in prayer:

Father, we thank You that You have given believers the gift of Your Holy Spirit. One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is self-control. We ask that You would forgive us for lusting after the things of this world and not acknowledging You first with our needs and desires. We pray that You would extend Your mercy to Your people and grace each one with contentment with what You provide. Help Your people to use their resources for Your glory instead of using them to spend beyond their means leading to debt. We trust in Your word that states, “If we confess our sins, You are faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” And also, “If we acknowledge You in all our ways, You will direct our steps.” Direct your people to lives of freedom including freedom from the lusts of this world, financial slavery and debt. Amen.


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    Shirleen casey says

    Yes God knows what I need. When we stay close to him he loves to supply my needs. Many many times I have been delighted and amazed how my prayers are answered when I need something

    • REPLY
      CBN Author says

      Praise God Shirleen! What a beautiful testimony of God’s faithfulness.

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