The Long and Narrow Road

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Recently I have been hearing from people that they feel discouraged and disappointed by the body of Messiah and sometimes even by God, and I ask myself, “Why?” When we have expectations, we can be disappointed. In the Hebrew language, there is a sentence that says, “The size of the expectation will be the size of the disappointment.” We expect more from people than we expect from ourselves, and people will always disappoint us. Although we do not act correctly, we expect God to give us positive responses. Though we religiously obey God’s laws, He is looking to change our hearts. Yet, we are often not willing to work on our hearts and if we do, we expect immediate results.

We live in a world whose rhythm is not the rhythm of God. In God there is a vision, there is a plan, there is a strategy, there is a process. Yes, there is also grace and miracles! But God’s grace does not eliminate our need to walk the long, hard, narrow road- the working out our salvation. (Philipians 2:12-13). God has no shortcuts. “Those who sow in tears shall reap with joyful shouting.” (Psalm 126:5). “What we sow is what we reap.” (Galatians 6:7). We have a responsibility to act correctly to obtain the right result. It is easy for us to blame others and it is easy for us to fight God and ask; “But why?” On the contrary, it is difficult for us to change our attitudes; to admit when we are wrong, to love and bless others when they have been unkind. Yet love is a mitzvah, for it is said, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Let’s focus on the beam in our own eyes and stop looking for the toothpick in the eyes of others and pointing our fingers at God.

Remember, as we forgive, so we are forgiven. And as we judge others, so the same will we be judged. Love covers a multitude of sins. And that is the sum of our work; to love God and others with an open heart.

God bless you.


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    Shubhra says

    What a lovely reminder. Thankyou and GOD bless!

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      CBN Author says

      Thank you Shubhra! May the Lord bless you also.

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