We Can Make a Difference

I once heard a pastor in Jerusalem say, “whenever your child shows interest in something that will encourage their relationship with God, invest in that interest.” He went on to say that if a child desires to be a part of a god-centered youth camp, but it happens to be two hours away, drive the two hours. Perhaps your child desires to learn an instrument, or play with believing friends. Maybe they start asking questions about God at an inconvenient time. We never know what moment or experience could make a lasting impression on a child’s soul or have eternal implications.
This is true of my own walk with the Lord. I was a pre-teen, attending a congregation regularly with my family. I was fortunate to have parents who taught my siblings and I the word of God and corrected us in love. But my heart was still bent towards certain sins that I didn’t feel convicted of. At least, not until one experience I had in a regular, children’s Sunday school meeting. The teacher introduced us to the story in the second chapter of Acts when the Holy Spirit empowered believers to go out and preach the gospel and to do the work of the Lord. The teacher offered to pray with anyone who desired to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and to be empowered to live for Yeshua. I was intrigued, so I raised my hand. In that moment, it was as if everything I had learned about God went from black and white to full color. I felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit about my sins. I felt a strong desire to love and know God through the reading of God’s word, worship and prayer. One moment in an everyday Sunday school class was the day that changed my walk with God forever. Did my parents know that this particular morning was specifically crucial for us to fellowship with the same believers we had been fellowshipping with for years? My guess is probably not. But never-the-less, they were faithful to expose me to environments and opportunities in which I could come to know and love God more.
Just the same, my parents were faithful to weed out the relationships and environments that were poisoning my walk with the Lord. As parents, grandparents, teachers or guardians, we have both the responsibility and opportunity to make lasting impressions on a child’s life and possibly even an eternal one. We don’t need to try to do the job of the Holy Spirit of connecting hearts with their Savior Yeshua and convicting them of their sins. But we can and ought to be the vessels that He uses to, “train up a child in the way they should go, so that when they are older, they will not depart from it.”-Proverbs 22:6.
May the Lord use each of us for His glory and to make His name famous in all the earth from the smallest to the greatest.
God bless you.

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