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For many Holocaust Survivors who suffered severely under the dictatorship of Christ professing Adolf Hilter, there is an understandable hesitation when introduced to those who identify themselves as “Christians”. CBN Israel’s partner, Israel Roitman knew their hesitation and reluctance all too well when he first began serving the Holocaust Survivors of Jerusalem. Over time, through consistency in exemplifying the true love of Yeshua, Roitman has gained the trust of the Holocaust Survivors he serves. In turn, many believers have had the privilege of coming alongside Israel to know and bless the Holocaust Survivors of Jerusalem and are well received. Among them, are the staff of CBN Israel.

On Wednesday, July 12th, Roitman invited CBN Israel and a team from IRIS Global Ministries to meet together with Jerusalem’s Holocaust Survivors in the Old City compound of CMJ’s Christ Church. Inside the beautifully sculpted sanctuary, the varied groups sat intermingled as they listened to a Russian speaking CMJ staff member as she gave a historic overview of Christ Church and how the compound is used today to bless Jews, Arabs and Christians alike.

Following the speech, the team from IRIS Ministries greeted the Survivors with words of love and gratitude, danced and sang songs in the Hebrew language. A few of the Survivors then shared their life stories and thanked everyone present who came to show them love and appreciation.

After a delicious meal was enjoyed by all provided by Christ Church, the team from Iris Ministries and the staff of CBN Israel presented the Holocaust Survivors with their free gifts. One by one, each Survivor came to receive a food voucher and a walker or walking stick as per their needs.

It’s moments like these that work towards chiseling away the atrocities of the past that have been done in the name of Jesus and voice instead that, “we, who come in the name of Yeshua, love and care for you.”

Without fail, in every opportunity we have had to love and bless a Holocaust Survivor in the name of our Lord, we are the ones who leave with an overflowing heart. Their hugs, their smiles, their appreciation, their stories- are all gifts that hold greater value to us than any physical possession ever could. And how truly beautiful it is when believers can leave behind their names and organizational titles in order to represent one name above all other names in unity and in love. This is the message that Yeshua said would show the world that we are His disciples- when we love one another (John 13:35). These Holocaust Survivors knew that it was in the name of Christianity that their family members were killed. And today, may it be in the name of Yeshua their Messiah that we who follow Him show them His love.

Please consider giving a monthly gift to help the remaining Holocaust Survivors here in the Land of Israel. God bless you.


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