There’s More to God Than Mercy

In our Business Development activity this week I had such an amazing example of how God operates in all our lives. We work with small business people who are working hard at developing their business ideas. Two people I worked with recently were complete opposite of each other. They both have very challenging paths that they are walking. They both are facing monumental challenges in their business ventures. I sat with each, one-on-one, for many hours to help sharpen their business approach and find the best path forward.

‘Person A’ was so grateful for the assistance and was diligently applying the suggestions so that their business gets better. ‘Person B’ has had multiple opportunities to change how they operate and hasn’t done so. ‘Person B’s’ primary focus is getting a business loan to meet their current economic crisis, but then does nothing that would enable them to get the assistance they need. Our requirement for assistance is the implementation of proper organizational standards. By refusing to get organized in their business operations they are making it impossible to be eligible for the assistance they genuinely need.

How often is this the way we handle our walk with the Lord? We pray, “Oh, Lord, bless my way and what I’m doing”, yet we refuse to apply His readily available wisdom and correction.  The book of Hebrews illustrates this point:

“Therefore strengthen the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees, and make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be dislocated, but rather be healed. (Heb. 12:12-13)

God desires your healing, but the exhortation here is that making our “paths” straight is our responsibility and has a direct influence on our healing. Is there something that God has been placing on your heart that you need to correct in your “path?” Could it be that your refusal to correct your own path is preventing your healing?


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    ofori mensah Michael says

    that is a master piece God bless u

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      Bethany says

      It is encouraging to read your response to this shabbat devotional, Ofori. We are thankful that the Lord spoke to you through it. Bless you!

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    Gavin Roles says

    God has been convicting me of an area of my life that needs severe change. This devotional came at just the right time to confirm the need for change. Thank you.

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