Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

Sometimes, all it takes is seeing someone else’s success in overcoming similar circumstances to give us courage to take the first step in the same direction. So often, financial success doesn’t come in the form of a large inheritance or winning the lottery. It comes through making small changes today that later become huge transformations. In all our years of working with families and individuals in financial crisis, we have seen this truth play out time and time again. Recently, we rejoiced with a lovely young lady as she experienced the joy of victory over debt.

It was eight months ago when CBN Israel’s staff member, Veronica, first met *Rachel. Rachel was frustrated with the constant minus in her bank account and was looking for a way out of her financial struggles. The two sat together and built a budget, discussing all of Rachel’s expenditures. Rachel saw for the first time the seriousness of her situation and the urgent need to make some changes. The kinds of changes that were needed were small, but relevant to becoming debt free. Restaurant dining would be replaced with home cooking. Buying trendy clothes would need to be replaced with working with what she already had. Thinking through running errands all in the same area at one time could save on gas expense.

Through diligence and perseverance, Rachel is now debt free and encouraged to keep up the steady pace. She is enjoying the fruit of her labor and living within her means. For Rachel, the hard work, denying indulgence and perseverance was well worth the peace of mind and the plus in her bank account.

God is no respecter of persons. You may be tempted to think, “I’m glad it worked for her, but it’s impossible for me.” Remember the words of Yeshua; “All things are possible for those who believe.” -Mark 9:23. If you have faith that God has the answer you need for every circumstance, than with Him, nothing will be impossible to overcome.

After all, you are called to overcome.

God bless you.  

*Name altered for privacy

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