A Hand Up Was All Ron Needed

Ron and Oded are two young men who grew up in very difficult family situations in Israel.  Their hard family lives led to them making a series of negative decisions that was setting both young men on paths of destruction.

Our families department at CBN Israel learned about their situation and recognized the need to offer guidance. With the boys’ mandatory military service about to begin, our team recognized it was a crucial time to step in and offer a hand up.  

Our staff spent many hours, even late into the night, providing counsel and assistance for the needs of both Ron and Oded.  Helping the young men to change schools, social circles and apartments were all part of the process.  And to fill the place of negative influences, these men were encouraged to reconnect with the local body of believers.

For Ron, this hand up became a springboard, launching him forward into many areas of positive change. Leaving the influences and bad habits behind him, he has connected to a community of believers, and even recently attended a summer camp for youth where his faith was strengthened. Those who knew him before acknowledge the transformation that has taken place in his life. We give God the glory for the great things He has done in Ron’s life!

Oded is walking his own pace as he works through the necessary changes. We ask for your prayers for Oded and that he would not grow weary in the process of change and that he would continue to pursue God in all areas of his life.

The Lord loves both of these young men, and though one took what was given and ran with it, the Lord will not forsake the other. For we see how the Lord never lets go in His pursuit of the heart but walks side by side at the pace we are willing to go.

*Names altered for privacy

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