A New Life for Lucy

Lucy is a seventy-nine year old Holocaust Survivor who immigrated to Hadera Israel from Ukraine. She is a widow who has been living alone since her husband died six years ago. Due to the harsh medical experiments she underwent as a child in the ghetto, she suffers today from a multitude of sicknesses and diseases. In order to help stave off the worsening of these physical conditions, Lucy must keep her blood circulating through movement. But in her older age, her body has grown too weak to walk long distances without taking small breaks in between. She was left with no choice but to remain at home as her friends met outside in a park nearby.

Through faithful partners, and with the help of generous donors, the staff of CBN Israel learned of Lucy’s need for mobility and were able to provide her with a special walker. Lucy is now independent and is enjoying her life once again.

“This walker has changed my life,” Lucy shared with the staff.

Today, she meets with friends in the park , purchases her own groceries and loves taking in the fresh outdoor air.

In a recent visit to Lucy’s home, she shared how her neighbors, who have also survived the horrors of the Holocaust, are coming to request the use of her new walker so that they too can get out to the park or nearby grocery store. Lucy sees it as an opportunity to be a blessing as this free gift has been a blessing to her.

There are hundreds of Holocaust Survivors in need of these walkers. Those who have already benefited from these gifts of mobility have asked for walkers for their siblings, neighbors and friends. Would you consider helping CBN Israel meet their requests by giving a gift today?

God bless you!

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