First Superbook Club in Hebrew, a Success!

The children of a kipputz just outside Jerusalem were surprised to see their community center full of red balloons as they came in on Wednesday afternoon. What was the celebration? Was it someone’s birthday? The staff of CBN Israel welcomed over twenty children to the very first Superbook Club in Hebrew! This was an event the staff had been looking forward to hosting for over a year as the material was in preparation.

The children were seated and introduced to the Superbook Salvation Peom which has been translated into thirty-nine different languages.

The staff explained, “Children all over the world are learning more about God through Superbook in their languages and now, you can too! But wait! Who is that coming through the door behind you?!” Every little head in the room quickly spun around to see a smiling character approaching them. It was GIZMO! In the Superbook series, Gizmo is the animated, toy robot that takes the children, Chris and Joy, on adventures through Biblical stories. When the children experience a situation in their lives that requires the wisdom they need from God’s word, the Bible, a.k.a. Superbook, opens and takes them back in time, with Gizmo as their excort. It is through these Bible adventures that the children learn how to live their lives God’s way.

When everyone had met Gizmo and had their fill of robot hugs, the children were treated with popcorn and juice as the episode of Daniel and the Lion’s Den appeared on the big screen. Though tv entertainment is nothing new for a child of the twenty-first century, the Bible coming to life through CGI animation was certainly a novelty for these children.

When the episode had finished, the children were presented with Superbook tee-shirts. “These are for you to wear when you come to Superbook Club every month”, said the staff of CBN Israel. Almost in unison, the children replied, “How long do we have to wait till the next one?!”

Now that the children have been introduced to Superbook and are excited to be a part of what kids are experiencing around the world, a community leader will continue to host the club and help the children engage with the lessons that can be learned from the episodes of season one.

We, at CBN Israel, are excited for these children, believers and non-believers alike, who are being exposed to God’s word and the real heros of the faith who were ordinary people just like them. Please join us in praying that God will work in each of their hearts by His Holy Spirit and introduce Himself to them in a very real and personal way as they experience the stories of the Bible through Superbook in their own language.

To learn more about Superbook or to purchase curriculum, visit the CBN website. Superbook in Hebrew is not yet available for purchase.

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