God Answers Prayer for Healing

One beautiful, October day in the city of Ashkelon, Israel, *Amira limped through the door of a local Humanitarian Aid Center. As volunteer partners of CBN Israel greeted Amira, they took notice of her limp and inquired as to what had happened. She had recently undergone surgery on her leg and just before she walked through the door, she had fallen and impacted the exact area where she had surgery. Amira was very worried about the consequences of her fall and what would come from the pain she was experiencing. “Can we pray for you?” the staff inquired. Amira agreed and the volunteers began to pray for healing in Amira’s leg.

One week later, Amira contacted the volunteer partners of CBN Israel with excitement in her voice. The pain was gone! She reported that just hours after their time of prayer, the pain had greatly subsided, and now, she is healed! Even one month since that moment of prayer, Amira is still pain free. God truly answered the prayer of faith for healing.

*Name altered for privacy


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