Meet Our New Partners in Nazareth!

We have new partners in Nazareth! Thanks to those who give generously to the work of CBN Israel, we were able to adopt a tenth partner to help us expand our work with Holocaust Survivors and New Immigrants. Our partners have beautiful hearts for God and have already begun hosting celebrations with Survivors and Immigrants in their local area.

As an opportunity for introduction between our partners and the Holocaust Survivors living in Nazareth, CBN Israel provided our partners with walkers and walking sticks to be distributed to those who were struggling with mobility. These special walkers come with a seat which provides an opportunity to rest along the way. With the gift of these walkers, those who were once confined to their homes, are now gratefully enjoying walks in the park, trips to their neighborhood grocery stores and the ability to attend events.

During the celebrations of Rosh Hashana and Succot, our new partners welcomed around seventy Holocaust Survivors and New Immigrants into their newly renovated meeting hall. Many of these guests felt peace and joy as they connected with our partners over food and dancing. They exclaimed, “It is so nice here. We really love to be here.” Due to the fact that nothing in this life is free, the Survivors were curious to know what it would cost them to continue attending these holiday events. “Must we pay something?” they asked. “No”, our partners replied. “You are always welcome here for free.”

As the feast of Hanukkah approaches, our partners are preparing to welcome back their new friends to another celebration in their meeting hall. Each Survivor and Immigrant who attends will receive gifts from our partners and food vouchers from CBN Israel.  If you wish to donate towards these gifts, please do so here.

With the adoption of our new partner in Nazareth, we have hopes to reach our goal of adopting more partners in three separate cities who are ready to come on board with us! To find out more about our “Adopt a Partner” program, write to us at:

As always, on behalf of the staff of CBN Israel and our faithful partners throughout the land we say, “May the Lord bless you”!

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