Jerusalem Holocaust Survivors’ Trip to Hamei Ga’ash

On Sunday, just three days into the winter month of December, CBN Israel’s partner, Israel Roitman, invited a group of Holocaust Survivors from Jerusalem to journey to the hot springs of Hamei Ga’ash located near Israel’s northern city of Netanya. Roughly 70 Holocaust Survivors arrived at Jerusalem’s central bus station to climb on board the two tour buses that awaited them there. Everyone was looking forward to the experience and enjoying some time together, with all expenses paid for.

Along the way, Roitman shared meaningful words with those on board and used the time to catch up with each one individually.

Arriving at Hamei Ga’ash, everyone was given a robe, some slippers and a key to the locker room. From there, all were free to enjoy the spas, saunas and healing springs. There are even outdoor pools with cold waters that are particularly refreshing after bathing in the hot springs.

These hot and cold waters remind us of the words of Yeshua to the believers in Laodicea found in the book of Revelation 3:15. “I know all the things you do, that you are neither hot nor cold. I wish that you were either one or the other!” The hot mineral springs of Hamei Ga’ash bring healing to the body and the cold winter waters in the outdoor pools refreshed those who dared to dive into them. Yeshua desires for us to be like these waters. Either to heal or to refresh, but not to be lukewarm in our faith which is of no benefit to the Body.

Before the day was over, everyone was invited to enjoy a hot lunch served by the staff of the Kibbutz. There were breads, salads, meats and cake for dessert. “Thank you so much for this wonderful day”, the Holocaust Survivors remarked. “We had so much fun, we want to do it again tomorrow!”

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