Horse Therapy Builds Confidence in Children of Single Mothers

Confidence. It’s something that every person needs. Confidence is what makes a person take risks, learn new things and is even the platform from which they are able to love others. Confidence comes from believing that who a person is and what they have to offer is valuable. Many times, confidence begins with the love and affirmation of the father. 

But what about the children of single mothers whose fathers abused or abandoned them, leaving the children to blame themselves? These children suffer from a lack of confidence. Or a child of a widow whose father left this earth far too early in life, bringing fear that something worse might come down the path? These children suffer from a lack of security. 

This is why we at CBN Israel are excited about the opportunity that nearly a dozen children of single mothers have had to be a part of an on-going, therapeutic, horse camp. Under the mentorship of the ranch workers, the children are learning what it means to take responsibility. They gain confidence in themselves as they interact with the horses and learn to ride. And the consistent building of quality relationships with the stable staff makes the children feel valued, loved and accepted each for who they are. 

One of the single mothers, whose child is currently attending the camp shared with the staff of CBN Israel a message of gratitude:

“The children are really enjoying this camp. Each week they can hardly wait for Friday to arrive. It gives them confidence. I am really thankful that God provided donors who could help and support our children!”

This camp is meant to be a place of growth and responsibility for these children who lack fathers. Because the camp is available to these children all throughout their adolescence, the children will have a safe place to deal with their problems and have a greater advantage towards achieving their goals in life. 

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”- Winston Churchill

Hundreds of single mothers and fatherless children are receiving emotional, spiritual and practical help through the work of CBN Israel because of donors like you! We are grateful for every gift we receive that directly impacts the lives of those we serve. Thank you for all your prayers and support! 

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