God Turns the Impossible Into One Man’s Reality

The debt was so large that no one wanted to help. A gift worth thousands of shekels would be nothing but a drop in the bucket. The *Levy family were hopelessly headed for bankruptcy and the loss of what little they had left.

There are times when the declaration of bankruptcy turns out to be a blessing. Anyone who has ever received forgiveness knows the relief that comes with a clean slate and a chance to start over. But for Nathan Levy, bankruptcy would mean losing everything he had worked for including his license to work. All hope for resolve in his situation was burning out like a well used wick and there was no one he trusted to confide in. 

“In my distress I called upon the LORD, And cried to my God for help; He heard my voice out of His temple, And my cry for help before Him came into His ears.”- Psalm 18:6

It was then that Nathan heard of the work of CBN Israel. As he shared with the staff the weight of his situation, his burdens began to feel lighter. For so long debt and hopelessness had brought with it shame and embarrassment. But now, he had someone as determined as he was to see him through this struggle. 

With God, nothing is impossible. As the staff of CBN Israel began to ask the Lord for guidance in how to navigate through what seemed in the natural like an impossible situation, God began to move. A large, anonymous donation came in with specifications to help the Levy family reduce their debt. With this donation came a willingness from several organizations to contribute to the family as well. Altogether, the amount that was given was enough to halt bankruptcy in it’s tracks and allow the Levy family the chance to move forward with hope.

Today, Nathan is putting into practice the things he has learned through this experience and is making better choices with his money. He shared an example, “When I was about to buy something I really didn’t need, my daughter reminded me of what we’ve learned from the staff of CBN Israel and it made me ask myself, ‘do I really need this?’ Many times I don’t and now, I’m willing to walk away without it.” 

Through the work of CBN Israel, hundreds of families have received help in times of crisis and freedom through financial counseling. If you desire to help us make a difference, give a gift today! 

As always, we pray, God bless you!

*Names have been altered for privacy.

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