God Resurrects Marriage From the Dead

Through word of mouth, *Andre and *Natalie *Ivanov heard of the marriage counseling course with CBN Israel’s partner, Beit Hillel, in Ashdod. Their marriage had been in rough seas for far too long. The Ivanou’s believed they had nothing left in common save parenting their children and their cultural background. They signed up for the course on the agreement that if a miracle didn’t happen in a matter of weeks, the result would be be an immediate divorce.

Andre had only just began his walk with the Lord months prior to starting the course. Natalie on the other hand, didn’t believe there was a God. Yet the pains in her heart from a broken relationship wrenched a prayer to her lips from her innermost being; “God, if you exist, please save my marriage”!

When the Ivanov’s arrived for the first session of the course, they were escorted into a romantically lit room where there were individual settings of a table and two chairs. On each table was a plate of hors d’oeuvres. Though multiple couples attended the course, the settings were arranged as such that each couple would feel as though they had gone out on a date.

During that first session, questionnaires were handed out for each individual to fill out with answers only about themselves. When complete, the questionnaires were exchanged between partners to help the spouse engage with, know and understand the heart and mind behind the person they were married to. Throughout the course, topics such as the importance of dates, expressing and receiving love languages, intimacy and much more was discussed. Things that most couples sweep beneath the carpet were brought out to air and be dealt with in this safe environment.

After only three weeks of attending the Beit Hillel Marriage Course, Natalie and Andre experienced their miracle. Their love and appreciation for one another returned in such a way, that the staff of Beit Hillel witnessed the transformation in their behavior. They said, “in the first week, the couple sat practically with their backs to one another. But by the third week, they were sitting together side by side, and were showing each other affection.” It was as though they were newly weds all over again!

As a result of the resurrection of her marriage from the dead, Natalie kept her vow to this very alive and powerful God that she would believe and follow after Him. Today, Natalie and Andre are putting into practice what they learned in the course and together with their children, are faithfully attending the Beit Hillel congregation.

*Names altered for privacy.

Does the Ivanov story sound all too similar to the struggles you are facing in your own marriage? Are you living in what seems to be a hopeless situation? Write to us at and let us pray with you! We have both seen and heard the great things God has done and we know He desires to do great things for you!

“In my distress I called upon the LORD, and cried to my God for help; He heard my voice out of His temple, and my cry for help before Him came into His ears.”- Psalm 18:6

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