Elderly Woman Delivered From Depression

Month after month, *Marta came to CBN Israel’s partner, Beit Hillel, to receive the gift of a free food package.  Her face reflected the weight of the seventy years of suffering she had lived through. Not wanting to draw attention to herself, she received her food parcel and quickly disappeared back into her world of caring for her only grandchild alone.

The depression that Marta lived with day after day moved the hearts of the Beit Hillel staff with compassion. They knew of One who could help her! The next time Marta arrived to receive her package, one of the staff members approached her saying, “I am a psychologist and a family counselor. If you ever need someone to talk to, I am here for you.”

Marta opened her heart and began to share her story. Since coming to Israel many years ago, both her son and her daughter had passed away leaving one grandchild behind. She had no husband, no community and was far away from what family she had left overseas. If something were to happen to her, who would care for the needs of her grandchild?

The staff of Beit Hillel offered prayer as a means of lifting her burdens off her shoulders and onto the One who cared for her so much. As they prayed, streams of tears flowed down her face. Marta opened her eyes wide and said, “I received a specific answer! I know what I need to do!”

The following month when Marta arrived to receive her food parcel, her face was shining with joy. The staff of Beit Hillel witnessed the transformation that happened in Marta’s life; “The depression we used to see in Marta is completely gone. Now, Marta is all the time thankful!”

Beit Hillel is one out of a dozen of CBN Israel’s partners who help serve the local communities in Israel. Through these partners, people like Marta are receiving, love, care and hope! Would you consider giving a gift today?

*Name altered for privacy.

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