One Small Act Can Make a Big Difference

In Israel, Whatsapp and email are two of the main means of communication. Teachers use Whatsapp and email to send updates to parents. Employers use these platforms to share information with their staff. For Jews who make Aliyah (immigration) to Israel, Whatsapp is an excellent way to stay connected with family though they are dispersed around the world. And for CBN Israel, Whatsapp is a great way to stay easily connected with the single mothers in Jerusalem. These woman can now share their prayer requests, updates, praise reports, words of encouragement or news as they please. But when all the other names of the single mothers were added, Eva’s information couldn’t be found.

It was then that staff member, Veronica Klein, learned of a very real need that this single mother had. In a phone conversation, Eva shared how she felt paralyzed by technology. Something seemingly simple such as setting up a personal email on her own felt intimidating and overwhelming to her. And her embarrassment kept her from asking anyone for help.
Veronica visited with Eva and began walking her through the process of learning how to use her phone and computer. They worked together on setting her up with Whatsapp and an email address. When Eva understood how to use these platforms, she couldn’t find words to express her gratitude. What may seem for some like a small and insignificant act, it can make a world of difference to another.

Eva is one of hundreds of single mothers who receive on-going help and care through CBN Israel because of those who believe in and donate to our work. Help us serve single mothers in Israel by giving a gift today!

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