Superbook Makes Life-Changing Impact On Son of Single Mother

*Alex is the son of *Maria, a single mother from the Former Soviet Union, who works hard just to pay rent in their low-income neighborhood. Her small budget can’t afford extra-curricular activities which so many Israeli children enjoy. When Alex was invited by CBN Israel’s partner to join their free after school program, he and his mother were both grateful for the opportunity. What they didn’t know, was how this opportunity would change their lives.

Part of the after school program included watching a half hour episode of Superbook in Russian. Week after week, Alex drank in the message of God’s love and saw it worked out in the lives of the program leaders. At times, these leaders would invite all the children to join them on trips to amusement parks or for walks on hiking trails, with all expenses paid for. For Alex, there was something different and special about these people who believed in God. 

One afternoon, after seeing a Superbook episode, Alex prayed a very sincere prayer to God. His heart was moved by all that he had seen and experienced. As Alex grew in his faith, his behavior began to change. The changes in Alex’s life were so evident, that his mother took notice. 

“Over the course of a year, I really saw my son become a different person”, she said. “Even people we know commented to me how much he had changed for the good”. 

When Maria saw what God had done in her son’s life, she wanted to experience Him in her life also. She prayed and has since been reading God’s word with Alex every night so they can grow in their faith together.

Maria loves Superbook so much and is so grateful for how it impacted her son, that now she volunteers her time to teach Superbook to others.

*Names altered for privacy.

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